Acqua Alle Corde! Trino Zurita is ready to premiere the new work of Edson Zampronha!

Acqua alle corde! (Water to the strings!) is a 16th Century expression which refers to a courage and greatness of spirit that someone shows in the face of an extreme difficult situation, even when his/her own life is exposed to a significant risk.

Edson Zampronha wrote Acqua alle Corde! to the cellist Trino Zurita, who is premiering it at the Ateneo Barcelonés (in Barcelona, Spain) next June 08, 2012 (8:00 pm), as part of the "Concerts-Phonos 2011-2012".

The expression Acqua alle corde! appeared in 1586, when the Egyptian obelisk at the Vatican St. Peter's Square was being risen up and the ropes used to rise it were so tense that they were about to break.

The title of this work has a clear double meaning. The cello's tense strings produce a huge emotional and expressive drama, and the electroacoustic sounds connect with the cello for the production of many stretching gestures in space. 

This scenery is completed by human voices from renaissance that comes out from nothing, like a distorted echo from the past, creating a beautiful layer of sounds that contrast with the cello and electroacoustic sounds: two musical and contrasting musical eras are put together.

Trino Zurita is a magnificent performer! His breathtaking performance shows a deep comprehension and secure control of the music of out time. This will be a great premiere! In this concert Zurita also includes great works by Eduardo Polonio, Gabriel Brncic, Andrés Lewin-Richter, Horacio Vaggione and José López-Montes.

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