“El Gran Zumbidor” is released in México!

“El Gran Zumbidor” (The Great Zumbidor), my last electroacoustic work is released in the CD Autoctofonías by CMMAS (Mexico). Great!

Autoctofonías is a series of 3 CDs including works by 20 Latin-American composers. The works use Latin-American instruments, and they are transformed by electroacoustic devices, or they are played as such.

El Gran Zumbidor is the 1st track of Volume 1. 
In this work I explore the gestural power of some Brazilian instruments: Zumbidor, Berimbau, Pau de chuva, Indigenous flutes and Chocalhos

The main instrument is the Zumbidor: it is a large string with a piece of wood tied in one end that is rotated at high speed over the player’s head. Its timbre is empowered through electroacoustic resources for the production of a hybrid, very strong and original sound. The result is powerful, appealing and… thrilling!

Here is the link to the CD at CMMAS web page, where you can find out all composers and their works:

Listen to a short excerpt of El Gran Zumbidor
© 2014 Edson Zampronha

You can listen to some short samples from all works included in this CD here:

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