Pictures of a great moment !!!

S'io Esca Vivo is the newest CD dedicated to the work of Edson Zampronha, and it is wonderfully performed by Karin Fernandes and great invited performers.

Karen Montija took very beautiful and sensitive pictures of the release concert at Sala São Paulo - Choir's Room - in September. She could precisely grasp the emotion and feeling of this very special moment.

Here are some pictures:

Karin Fernandes, the pianist.
Edson Zampronha, the composer.

Karin Fernandes and Edson Zampronha played together. They played the work S'io Esca Vivo (which gives the title to the CD) and Uma Nota Imaginaria (A Fictional Note), specially composed to be premiered in this concert. 

Adriana Holtz played Feroce with Karin Fernandes. 
Adriana is a wonderful cellist.

Listen to Lamento performed by Karin Fernandes.
This work will touch you.

Edson Zampronha is deeply grateful
for the audience acclaim.

Karin Fernandes, you are great!

Find S'io Esca Vivo in Google Play!

Read a revealing dialog between Mauricio Ayer and Edson Zampronha about the works included in this CD (in Portuguese) - free!

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