The CD "S'io Esca Vivo" is one of the FINALISTS at the Concerto Award 2013!!!

The CD S'io Esca Vivo is one of the three FINALISTS in the category “THE BEST CD 2013” at the CONCERTO Award 2013!

The CD S'io Esca Vivo is fully dedicated to the work of Edson Zampronha. The brilliant pianist Karin Fernandes performs it with great invited performers: Adriana Holtz (cello); Ana de Oliveira (violin); Luiz Afonso Montanha (clarinet) and Ricardo Bologna (percussion).

The CONCERTO AWARD is a promotion of the Revista CONCERTO, the most important review for the classic music in Brazil. Click here to see al the nominations (in Portuguese).

This CD is wonderfully produced. If includes beautiful pictures of Karen Montija and very sensitive texts of Maurício Ayer on the works.

The result is pure poetry! Listen to some tracks here.

You can have this CD at Google Play.

See some pictures of the CD Concert Release here.

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