Justo Antes de los Bosques inside a rebuilt slaughterhouse

The XIII Festival Internacional de Teatro y Artes de Calle de Valladolid (XIII International Festival for Theater and Street Arts of Valladolid) includes the work Justo Antes de los Bosques (Just next to the Forest) to be performed inside a rebuilt slaughterhouse now fully dedicated to arts!

Today (May 26, 2012) at the Sala Blanca – LAVA, Valladolid, Spain. Created by TeatroDRAN with Original (Advanced) Music composed by Edson Zampronha.

See more about performances inside alternative stages here! And watch this beautiful video about this performance made inside this rebuilt slaughterhouse!

See more about this performance in this PDF document (in Spanish)

Performers: Silvia Martín/Ruth Rivera, Saúl de la Fuente
Original Music: Edson Zampronha
Choreography: Saúl de la Fuente
Wardrobe: Isabel Martínez
Body make-up: Dori Zúñiga
Picture: Marta Vidanes
Direction: Ruth Rivera y Jaime Rodríguez
Sponsorship: franciscodelafuente.com
Produced at LAVA

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