The next concert of Edson Zampronha is part of the K-maleón Festival in Spain! More than a concert this is a multimedia experience on stage!

Electroacoustic music – Dance – Piano – Video – Liquid Light Show

All together they give shape to an innovative performance that expand our experience of music. The music of Edson Zampronha are presented in collaboration with extremely gifted artists:

Saúl de la Fuente – he is a magnificent dancer that dances the work Fénix and improvises with Zampronha playing the piano

Ignacio Martín de la Cruz – two of his wonderful videos dialogue with the work Lamenti, creating a soft explosion of creative meanings

Jandro Sáenz de Miera – he designed incredible lights and he projects a set of superb images created with colorful liquids for the creation of very original movements and forms
The concert includes the works:
  • Monochromes
  • Lamenti
  • *** Live improvisation (piano and dance)
  • Unreal Memory of a Wave
  • Fénix

You are all invited to share this experience next Saturday (June 9, 2012) at 9:30 pm, at the Teatro Albéitar (Paseo de la Facultad, 25) in León, Spain. Free entry.

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