The Advanced Music of Edson Zampronha in Antro Positivo

The magazine Antro Positivo, Edition 02, dedicates one of its sections to the work of Edson Zampronha. (Antro Positivo, published 16/04/2012 on pages 14-15).

It includes a link to the work Modelagem X-a, for vibraphone, performed by Augusto Moralez. This is a very good example of what I call Advanced Music. It also includes a short text by Adolfo Núñez, dean of LIEM-CDMC at the Reina Sofía Museum (Madrid, Spain), about the music of Zampronha. As the text of Adolfo Núñez is published in Portuguese, I offer you a translation of it to English:

Edson Zampronha in Antro Positivo, Edição 02, p.14-15, 2012 (at http://antropositivo.blogspot.com, in 16/april/2012)

The music of Edson Zampronha has attracted my attention since the beginning for its rich and interesting timbres, and because it is a kind of a massage for our neurons, which are always searching for grasping the surprises that constantly emerge, and always weaving an increasingly richer structure in our memory. However, what is really fascinating is that his talent is the result from many years researching about semiotics and about the way humans find meanings and references when listen to sounds that follow in time – Adolfo Nuñez, dean of LIEM-CDMC at the Reina Sofía Museum (Madrid, Spain).
Antro Positivo is an online Brazilian magazine dedicate to theater and cultural politics including very interesting ideas and proposals. The editors are the great artists Ruy Filho and Patrícia Cividanes, that are doing a very good job!

Visit Antro Positivo at http://antropositivo.blogspot.com (in Portuguese).

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