A performer’s approach to Recycling Collaging Sampling

Daniel Serale is a great percussionist, and he wrote a very good paper on Recycling Collaging Sampling which is worth reading indeed.

Serale analyzes the collaborative interaction between composer and performer to generate a musical work, focusing on guided improvisations. He concentrates his analysis on the work Recycling Collaging Sampling, a composition of Edson Zampronha for percussion and electroacoustic. 

The paper's title is Recycling and Collaging: the roles of composer and the performer in a cooperative creation (written in brazilian portuguese). It was published by Per Musi n.25, an online music review. Click here to access Serales' paper (consulted on 04/May/2012).

In order to support his statements, Daniel Serale compares statements by Vinko Globokar and Edson Zampronha, and uses Recycling Collaging Sampling to illustrate his conclusions.

The image used in Recycling, of Edson Zampronha, and the percussionist Daniel Serale  

Serale comments each movement of this work. He starts explaining in which way Recycling proposes a controlled improvisation and explores concepts as gesture and analyses the effects of musical notation to create a collaborative interaction with the performer. Afterwards, he concentrates his attention on Collaging, claiming that the composer is now like a performer, being the electroacoustic sounds a way in which the composer is on the same stage with the percussionist. Eventually he comments how the performers could behave in Sampling, a pure electroacoustic movement (no percussion at all) that concludes the whole piece.

You can access to other information’s on Recycling Collaging Sampling here in this blog.

Listen to the three movements of this work in the following links:

Recyclingperformed by Daniel Serale in youtube.com 

Collaging performed by Simantra Percussion Group in myspace.com 

Sampling, electroacoustics, in myspace.com

Click here to listen to other performances of Daniel Serale in myspace.com.

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