Recycling Collaging Sampling (2000-6) - Edson Zampronha In Portugal by the Simantra Percussion Group

Recycling Collaging Sampling is a work for percussion and electroacoustics that reveals a unique sound world to the listener. A huge set of instruments occupies all the stage, 1 to 6 percussionists play intensely, and the electroacustic sounds are projected to completely surround the listeners. This work is a 23 minutes of a thrilling experience, and its live performance is unforgettable.

The next live performance of this work is on April 21st (Saturday), 10pm. It is being performed the Simantra Percussion Group in Guimarães (Portugal) at the Centro Cultural Vila Flor. Besides this work of Edson Zampronha this concert includes works of Toru Takemitsu, Carlos Stasi, Thierry De Mey and Hugo Correia.

Simantra percussion Group

Recycling Collaging Sampling has three sections that are presented with no interruption. 

  • The first section, Recycling, includes only percussion. It is a very controlled improvisation that transforms (recycles) a visual image into sound gestures, sound figures and timbers. The physical condition of sounds, their materiality is the focus here.
  • The second section, Collaging, includes percussion and electroacoutics to create an expanded universe of sounds. It is pure energy plenty of exuberant and impacting sounds. Timbres are launched by percussion and become free of the instruments, and circulate freely and energetically through the concert room. There are lots of morphological implications between instruments and electroacoustics that create a unique experience.
  • The third section, Sampling, is for electroacoustics only. Sounds, now free from the instruments, circulate autonomously and become pure movement and spectra. Now you are inside the sounds. Music is calmer but strangely the sounds synthesize the previous experience, revealing a deep experience that cannot be expressed except by means of sounds.

Here are the some links where you can listen to these three sections of Recycling Collaging Sampling:

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