Concert for Octophony and More…

A full immersion in an incredible world of sonic exploration! This new concert of Edson Zampronha will take place next Tuesday (March 20) at 8:00pm at the Centro de Cultura Antiguo Instituto – Gijón, Spain.

Edson Zampronha performs this concert with eight speakers around the audience and four other speakers strategically placed in the concert room to offer a unique sound experience. The pieces performed belong to some of the most innovative composers of today.

The concert program includes the works:

- Lamenti (2004) – Edson Zampronha

- Etude de Sons (2009) – Gregorio Jimenez Paya

- Motus in fine velocior (2008) – Flo Menezes

- Barren Lands – Tierras Estériles (1997) – Rajmil Fischman

These are very special works that outstand different areas of the most creative sound exploration. Space is one of the key aspects in these pieces. Musical language and drama are organized by space, which expands the artistic timbre experience. Sounds move throughout the concert room creating very special sound scenes, which impress for their art and beauty.

Edson Zampronha will offer a brief explanation before each piece to introduce the audience into a new sound world, stimulating their imagination and enlarging the comprehension of an unforgettable experience.

This concert is part of the EME 2 (Segundo Encuentro de Música Electroacústica) that goes from March 19 until March 23.

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