Recycling Collaging Sampling is performed at the International Winter Festival in Campos do Jordão!!!

The International Winter Festival in Campos do Jordão (Brazil) is the most important classical music festival in Latin America.

In this edition, the Festival includes Recycling Collaging Sampling in its concerts! Edson Zampronha composed this very exploratory work for a variable number of percussion players and electroacoustics. 
Recycling Collaging Sampling, by Edson Zampronha, as I see it!

In Campos do Jordão, six percussionists from the Festival play more than 90 instruments on stage. The work takes about 23 minutes, and you will not even have time to blink!

Do not miss this unforgettable experience! It is going to be performed at the Espaço Cultural Dr. Alem (Campos do Jordão, Brazil) on July 19, 2013, 18h45. Free entry!

In the same concert you will be able to listen to the American Brass Quintet of the Juilliard School!

Listen to Collaging here, performed live by the Simantra Percussion Group in Portugal. It is thrilling!

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