A prodigious performer in action!

On September Karin Fernandes releases a new CD fully dedicated to the music of Edson Zampronha. This CD includes works for solo piano and chamber music with piano. It also includes a piece for three pianos, and she herself played all three!

S’io Esca Vivo (“If I come out alive”) is the title of this CD. It has received a super professional production. Excellent performers play with Karin Fernandes in a wonderful studio. The CD includes an amazing booklet, nice photos, and creative notes about the works.

Karin Fernandes is great! She is gifted, she has a great piano technique and a deep musical understanding and feeling. She belongs to that very special group of performers that are able to offer us a unique, captivating and fully convincing and unforgettable listening experience.
My music happens in the limits of my own imagination! I love that, and it is amazing when it pushes me ahead, and I eventually discover new lands for music expression  - Edson Zampronha.
This very special CD is being released in September! It will be announced here soon. You cannot miss it!

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