Camilo Irizo interviews Edson Zampronha!

I love interviews! They allow me to establish an immediate contact with the audience and performers, and to face complexes subjects directly, offering to the reader some “direct to the point” answers.

In January the great clarinetist Camilo Irizo interviewed me for the new issue of Espacio Sonoro review (Revista Espacio Sonoro). He posed me some questions of this kind, and I loved that. Here is a short selection of his questions, going from some more generalist to some more specific ones:

What differences do you identify between Brazil and Spain?
Is there anything specifically Brazilian in you music?
What new features do your work offer to the listeners?
Why do you work with so different musical styles instead of concentrating on a single one?
Expressivity highlights in your work. How do you produce it?

Ah! It is not so simple to say what my music offers to listeners in just a few words! My answer could be meaningless, excessively general, or a cliché. Instead, a good answer should offer the readers an essential piece of information, awakening the curiosity for a stimulating, thrilling and unforgettable musical experience!

You can access this interview online (for free) at Espacio Sonoro Review (in Spanish). The complete bibliographical quotation is:
IRIZO, Camilo and ZAMPRONHA, Edson. “Entrevista a Edson Zampronha”. In: Espacio Sonoro – Revista de Música Actual. (nº 29, February 2013)
(http://espaciosonoro.tallersonoro.com/2013/02/25/entrevista-a-edson-zampronha/ - March 20, 2013).

Would you like to go deeper in this subject? I recommend two other publications you can get online (free):

In English: Edson Zampronha interviewed by Ton Moore. This is a more biographical interview.

In Portuguese: Edson Zampronha. This is a speech I offered at the Centro Cultural São Paulo (São Paulo Cultural Center) including biographical and aesthetic views (it starts on page 59).

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