Take a "Curve toward the infinite"!

Curva ao Infinito (Curve toward the infinite), composed by Edson Zampronha, is a stimulating experience that explores new creative trends by means of unique sound images!

Composed for piano and electroacoustics, Curva ao Infinito is being premiered by the pianist Luciane Cardassi as part of the Going North 2 project at St. Michael’s Anglican Church, Canmore, CANADA, on January 12 at 4pm.

This work is a highly sensitive one, revealing very specific qualities of feeling from an almost improvised piano melody. This is one of the most sensitive melodies in the Zampronha's repertoire! Its subtle and shining sensations are stressed by the sound projection into space, using techniques developed in previous works.  

Afterwards, sounds become very impressive! The electroacoustic sounds move with great musical strength, and from the piano some involving melodies flourish as answers to the electroacoustic sounds.

Eventually, the improvised melody returns but modified. Some key parts are extracted and the result is a new melody. In fact we listen to two melodies in one, but they are the same, aren’t they? What a thrilling sensation!

Excerpt of the "Curva ao Infinito" score.

The premiere of Curva ao Infinito is part of a very special concert that includes another premiere: Myosotis, by Nova Pon, a work for speaking pianist with text by Monica Meneghetti. This concerto also includes works by Emilie LeBel, Diana McIntosh, Terri Hron, Rafael de Oliveira, Lourdes Saraiva and Paulo Guicheney.

Poetry coming to the foreground, works for piano, recitation and electronics: all these ingredients are connected in this original concert to give shape to a beautiful and challenging experience!

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