"Modelagem IV" manipulates sounds as a plastic material!

Modelagem IV is a work that manipulates sounds as a plastic material. Sounds are shaped like moist clay to express different, original and impressive forms and textures. In other words, sounds are not like bricks that are put together to construct a wall.


Have a look at the score of Modelagem IV here. It has been recently published by the Espacio Sonoro Review (the score is the Edson Zampronha’s very clear manuscript). You are allowed to free download it.


Link to Modelagem IV (free!)


Zampronha, Edson (2012). “Modelagem IV”. In: Espacio Sonoro, nº28, September 2012. Online at: http://espaciosonoro.tallersonoro.com/2012/09/13/modelagem-iv/ (October 16, 2012).

Excerpt of page 6.

Edson Zampronha composed this work in 1995. It is a septet for flute, oboe, Bb clarinet, bassoon, two violins and one viola and it takes about 8 minutes. It starts stretching a single note the fullest, and many sound fragments detach, creating new parallel sound expressions. Step by step sudden contrasts shape our listening for the creation of very singular and exotic textures; melodic lines create a plastic heterophony, and strong impressions are produced in our listening. Towards the closing this heterophony is so dense that it becomes a kind of compressed line that moves in time. Metaphorically it becomes a compact musical dot that flies doodling through the musical scene.


Observe the rich and delicate sound qualities, and how tiny details produce strong impressions on our listening. Also, see how music notation and sound textures are deeply connected: notation is clearly one of the main resources for achieving the desired plastic expressions.


Modelagem IV was premiered in Morelia, México, by the brilliant Ensamble de las Rosas conducted by the great composer Jorge Antunes in November 25, 2005.


Here is the complete bibliographical reference of this work in the case you need to quote or refer to this score:

Zampronha, Edson (2012). “Modelagem IV”. In: Espacio Sonoro, nº28, September 2012.

Online at: http://espaciosonoro.tallersonoro.com/2012/09/13/modelagem-iv/ (October 16, 2012).

Besides, take a look at Espacio Sonoro Review. There you will find many interesting materials concerning contemporary music.






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