Unfolding music into space!

How is possible to unfold music into space? Is it possible to unfold musical syntax, musical texture of even musical signification into space for the construction of an innovative musical work?
Zampronha wrote a new paper called Musica desplegada en el espacio (“Music unfold into space”) in which he develops some ideas about this unfolding and shows three concrete examples of that.
This paper is published by Espacio Sonoro review (nº 27, June 2012) and it can be read online! And it’s free!
Click here to read this paper (written in Spanish).
Don’t forget to leave here your comments on this paper. Zampronha would like to know your reaction to these ideas!

Figure extracted from ZAMPRONHA, E. "Música desplegada en el espacio".
In: Espacio Sonoro, nº27, June 2012, p.12.

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