Heroes, an incredible work for Symphonic Band, is premiered in Spain!

Power, adventure, and overcome by transforming obstacles into opportunities! Heroes is about that: a work that struggles to grow by giving concrete forms to bold ideas!

More than 90 performers on stage! Heroes was composed by Edson Zampronha for the Symphonic Band CONSMUPA (Oviedo Higher Conservatory of Music) conducted by Rafael Zanón.

The premiere is at the CONSMUPA Theater (Oviedo, Spain) on May 16, 2012. A second concert will take place in La Laboral, in Gijón, Spain, on May 17, 2012.

Heroes is centered on formal displacements. Here are some examples of it:

CONSMUPA Symphonic Band - Rehearsal of Heroes, of Edson Zampronha
  • You first listen to a musical segment (A) being followed by a resolution (B), then you listen to (B) followed by (A) as a resolution (it is not just a permutation: there is a functional change here)
  • You first listen to a musical segment as an opening, and later it reappears as a transition (and you get the change of meaning)
  • You listen to a same complex chord in two different moments surrounded by other musical events, and you grasp the changing

In brief, a displacement includes a comparison between two musical meanings, and they overlap. This overlapping is crucial to the result, and it produces three possible results:

  • A conflict: a tension between two meanings
  • A continuity: a first meaning is sucked into a new one
  • A change of perspective: a second meaning gives a different color to a first one

All three displacements are present in Heroes, and they are strategically used to create a dynamic listening. The result is a unique experience, a very contemporary one, which gives birth to a unique experience!

I thank you the maestro Rafael Zanón, the Direction of CONSMUPA and to all players that integrate the CONSMUPA Symphonic Band for this magnificent opportunity. This work is dedicated to them, real heroes, deserving all my gratitude and admiration.

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