Re-interpretation: the secret of "Feroce"

A sequence of short segments, about twenty seconds each one. This allows Feroce, my recent work for cello and piano, to melt the speed of our time and the classical music expression. The result is outstanding! Feroce is the name of one of these short segments, and its meaning changes during the work. It is an example of what I name re-interpretation: one musical segment receives a second meaning during the work, and when it happens it creates a strong and appealing musical tension and drama. Feroce is centered in re-interpretations. 

Pierluigi Ruggiero (cello) & Danieli Verônica Longo Benedetti (piano)

It’s true that technically this work is a collage of short segments. However you don’t listen to it as such: this re-interpretation connects all segments and you listen to them as a very communicative and sensitive music, plenty of different expressions that deeply and kindly touch your imagination. It’s great it receives its premiere in Italy. My grandparents would be proud of it!

Feroce is going to be premiered by Danieli Verônica Longo Benedetti (piano) and Pierluigi Ruggiero (cello) at the Salla Piatti (Bergamo – Italy), as part of the XXXI Encontro Europei con la Musica, on March 10 (2012), 4:00pm.

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